Wilton Course 3

This is my final cake for Wilton course 3 gum paste and fondant.

In this course we made roses, daisies, carnations and mums.  I love the whole idea of gum paste you can make your decorations way ahead of time and even use them again if you want.  You have to work fast and keep it covered when you’re not working with it as it dries out extremely fast.  

For the rose you roll the gum paste out then cut it with a cookie cutter and ruffle the petals on a foam sponge with a ball tool then you wrap it around the center repeat and before you know it you have a beautiful rose.

The carnation is cut from circle cutters then ruffled with a tool on a thin sponge then each layer is stacked – its so amazing how it all comes together.  I’m so excited to start Wilton course 4 – Advanced Gum paste on Monday.






Wilton Course 2 Final Cake

My final cake for Wilton course 2.  The course was about gum paste, royal icing, flowers, and basket weaving.  I learned so much!  The cake was a complete mess; when I cut it in half it crumbled to pieces.  I had it sitting on the counter and our 4 year old took a few swipes at it when nobody was looking – his face was full of chocolate.  The basket weave helped cover up all the problems.

Wilton Course 2 class 1

The first class was all about gum paste.  We made flowers by using a cutter for shape and pushing gum paste into a mold.  Gum paste dries fast so you have to keep it tightly covered when you are not working with it.   It was drying quickly even as we worked with it so it cracked in some places on the pansy.  The pansy was ruffled by pushing on the edges with a tool that had a ball on the end.  Gum paste gets very hard after it dries completely.  It was a fun new medium to work with.

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