Spring Planting Week 3

Sunrise rainshower with a rainbow on a dirt road
Sunrise shower on the prairie

Our third week went pretty smooth. We started out the week with a beautiful sunrise shower followed by a rainbow. We didn’t get much rain; less than a 1/2″ in most places.

planting trees John deere
Planting trees

Our local soil conservation district planted 4 rows of trees along some of our property for a new shelter belt. They planted lilacs, box elders, quaking aspen, and juniper trees. We’re hoping they got off to a good start!

John Deere 9200 Borgault drill planting soybeans North Dakota
Planting soybeans

Farmer Brown was able to plant soybeans in a field near our yard.

North Dakota sunset planting soybeans farmer Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter DSC_5768
Planting Soybeans

What a beautiful night! The sky was so colorful.

Planting soybeans 9200 John deere Borgault 2320 drill
Planting Soybeans
Chocolate Chip Cookies Kitchenaid Turquoise White Kitchen
Brett scooping his cookies.

Brett decided one day that we had to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone! First he had to let everyone know he was making cookies today. He loves to bake and be a chef!

Flowering Crab Apple blossoms
Flowering Crab

Our favorite tree, a beautiful flowering crab was in full bloom this week! The smell was overwhelming!

Spring wheat Brown Acres Custom Harvesting
Spring wheat emerging

Our wheat has emerged from the soil this week. It is so great to see the black dirt turn green!

Filling borgault drill with beans John deere 9200 grain truck Brown Acres Custom Harvester Soybeans
Filling the drill with soybeans.

Farmer Brown and Brett filling the drill with soybeans. Brett loves helping on the farm and being where the action is. He was helping dad keep the beans leveled out in the compartment.
Dog buried toy in dirtOur crazy dog, Chevy did something we had not seen before. Mick was trying to figure out what was laying in our yard. He figured the dogs had buried a dead animal, but discovered it was a dog toy when he got close.

Our week was filled with planting and fragrant trees! We are over half done planting and busy preparing to head south for custom harvesting wheat.

Catch The Moment Week #17

I’ve gotten behind on Catch the Moment 365 but have done fairly well at taking a picture everyday.   I only missed 1 day this week.  We are getting back in the swing of things.  Our crew is all here and there is LOTS to be done.  Here are my pics for the week.


Our pink sunrise.


The dogs were hunting for a mole and only came up with a salamander.  You can still see the snow in the trees.


Today’s farm view – hauling and drying wheat.


It’s still pretty brown in the area.  Our winter wheat hasn’t turned green yet.


Our sunset.


The ducks and geese were enjoying their day in the water.

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Nurse Loves Farmer

Catch The Moment Week #14

Another crazy busy week, here are my pics for the week…Day-92

Aerial of our icy yard.  Do you see all 3 dogs?  The big chicken dog, Chevy is hiding under the red semi-trailer.  It has really dried up nice, hard to believe it looked like this a week ago!


We had one more snow day. Continue reading “Catch The Moment Week #14”

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