Catch The Moment Week #26

This week went a little slower than the previous week – finally!  The guys are down in Kansas trying to cut wheat, but were shut down due to rain.  They did 80 acres in one week due to rain.  We were also shut down spraying at home due to rain.  It was a pretty rough week too.  We had to say goodbye to our little sheltie, Sadie on Wednesday.  We’ve had a lot of deaths in our family, but our boys were younger and didn’t fully understand.  We’ve let them lead us for answers to questions.  Each day something new comes up, but it seems like they are grasping it.  We brought Sadie with us everywhere, she was my sidekick.  Her death has left us with broken hearts.  Here are my captures from the week….


This was out the window from the Mayo main clinic in Rochester.  Rochester Fest was happening all week so we went down to check it out.  There were many food vendors and a stage for entertainment.  I had a gyro and the boys all had corn dogs.


The kids had a fun time playing on the floor just before bed.


Mick finished rolling our beans on Friday.


Our peonies in bloom!  I haven’t seen them bloom for 3 years since we are usually gone.  They were bigger than I remember, but I usually get them fertilized in the spring and fall.


Our 1st bloom on the pepper plants!

AKC Shetland Sheepdog AKA: Sheltie

My sweet sheltie, Sadie.  We were out watching the sunset.  She died the next day.


Max was the only one who enjoyed the rain.

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Catch The Moment 365 Week #24 June 11-17, 2014

We spent most of the week preparing equipment to be moved south to Kansas.  I caught everyone having a little bit of fun during this crazy week.  It’s amazing how everything seems to magically come together and get done right before we head out.  Here are my captures for the week.


Ricardo & Sven were up bright and early to play with Ricardo’s new remote toy.  His remote car will go up to 40 mph.


Mick and the boys were out blading the yard right before it rained.


Brett has spent a lot of time watching the guys prepare everything to head south.  Of course, he thought he should get his combine ready too.


We went to Art Fest in Grand Forks, ND on Saturday.  The boys were able to jump on the inflatables for a bit.  It has been nice being home a little later this year.  We have been able to do things we normally miss out on.


The girls were out checking out the sunset with me on Sunday evening.  I seem to have a hard time getting all 3 to photograph good for me.  This is probably the best one we’ve ever taken.


Miss innocent, Peaches.  I think she ate our baby ducks last week.


We found these little ones in our combine trailer as we were loading up.

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Catch The Moment Week #22

I can’t believe May is over and June is already here!  Normally we are gone south harvesting by now.  Due to problems with the winter wheat and canola in Oklahoma we have not left.  We are still seeding our crop at home due to some wet fields.  Max had Vacation Bible School this week so everyday I had to run for that.  They did a wonderful job and had so much fun!  This week went super fast for me! Here are my pics…


Unloading our soybean seed into the auger for the drill.


Miss Mollie-Jayne hung out with us all day.


One of our colorful sunsets from the week.


The winter wheat in North Dakota didn’t fare so well either.  We had to work 2 quarters under due to winter kill.  We’ll be planting beans now.


Planting at sunset.


Miss Sadie enjoyed hunting and soaking up the sun every time we ran to the field.


My dahlias are putting on quite a show this week!


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