May Week 4 planting

May has come to an end and flown by as usually the case for us. We have been blessed with timely rains and good conditions. Some of the areas not so far from us have not been so fortunate. They have been hit by heavy rains and strong winds. The crops that are planted are coming up nice. The combines are being prepped for travel during any time we are not in the field. Our first job in Oklahoma was hailed out recently, resulting in a total loss. We will be starting in Ness City, Kansas in June.

International Harvester Case 8010 Combine
Heading to the shop for a bath.
farmer rock rolling beans sunset North Dakota tractor field
Tractor with a rock roller.

Our beans were rolled with the rock roller this week. Rolling the ground pushes the rocks down which is necessary for harvest. When the beans are harvested, the combine header is on the ground. Rolling helps prevent any rocks from entering the combine through the feeder house on the front. Rock ingestion can cause serious damages internally to the equipment. Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter DSC_7573-Edit

Our local wildlife production area provides a beautiful backdrop for sunsets throughout the year. Our youngest and I drove to it during a brief slow time. Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter DSC_8181

Farmer Brown was able to get some spraying done. We had to bring him fuel one evening while the sun was setting. It was a gorgeous night!

Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter Spring Wheat Sunrise Blue Sky
Spring wheat sunrise

Our spring wheat during a sunrise. Our yard is full of various blooms and fresh greenery this week! Here are some of them below.

Columbine Flower
Fern Leaf Peony
Fern Leaf Peony
White Bleeding Hearts
White Bleeding Hearts
Pine Trees
Pine Trees
Caragana Bush
We call these the John Deere bushes. They are a Caragana bush. A few years ago Mick came home from harvest while I stayed in Oklahoma running combine. When he called from home, he said the whole yard was John Deere due to the Caraganas. A little tidbit of information – the colors for the John Deere company were chosen by John Deere’s wife who liked the green in the spring and the yellow in the fall.
Pink flowering tree Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter DSC_8475
Pink flowering trees. We’re not sure what these are, but they’re pretty every year.
Boy with boat in a puddle
Brett launching his boat in a puddle. Our boys love playing in the puddles. Brett would wear his rain boots every day if he could.
Farm boys riding John Deere and Farmall pedal tractors in a puddle. John Deere 9200 Tractor Grain Dryer Grain bins farm dog
Our boys discussing important business on the farm after a rain.

We’ll be done planting soon and heading out. In the meantime, we are busy getting ready and finishing up our to do list. Our crew is excited to get started harvesting!

Spring Planting Week 3

Sunrise rainshower with a rainbow on a dirt road
Sunrise shower on the prairie

Our third week went pretty smooth. We started out the week with a beautiful sunrise shower followed by a rainbow. We didn’t get much rain; less than a 1/2″ in most places.

planting trees John deere
Planting trees

Our local soil conservation district planted 4 rows of trees along some of our property for a new shelter belt. They planted lilacs, box elders, quaking aspen, and juniper trees. We’re hoping they got off to a good start!

John Deere 9200 Borgault drill planting soybeans North Dakota
Planting soybeans

Farmer Brown was able to plant soybeans in a field near our yard.

North Dakota sunset planting soybeans farmer Brown Acres Custom Harvester Wheat Canola Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota Combining Cutter DSC_5768
Planting Soybeans

What a beautiful night! The sky was so colorful.

Planting soybeans 9200 John deere Borgault 2320 drill
Planting Soybeans
Chocolate Chip Cookies Kitchenaid Turquoise White Kitchen
Brett scooping his cookies.

Brett decided one day that we had to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone! First he had to let everyone know he was making cookies today. He loves to bake and be a chef!

Flowering Crab Apple blossoms
Flowering Crab

Our favorite tree, a beautiful flowering crab was in full bloom this week! The smell was overwhelming!

Spring wheat Brown Acres Custom Harvesting
Spring wheat emerging

Our wheat has emerged from the soil this week. It is so great to see the black dirt turn green!

Filling borgault drill with beans John deere 9200 grain truck Brown Acres Custom Harvester Soybeans
Filling the drill with soybeans.

Farmer Brown and Brett filling the drill with soybeans. Brett loves helping on the farm and being where the action is. He was helping dad keep the beans leveled out in the compartment.
Dog buried toy in dirtOur crazy dog, Chevy did something we had not seen before. Mick was trying to figure out what was laying in our yard. He figured the dogs had buried a dead animal, but discovered it was a dog toy when he got close.

Our week was filled with planting and fragrant trees! We are over half done planting and busy preparing to head south for custom harvesting wheat.

Spring Planting Week 2

Farmer Boy Shetland Sheepdog
Bella returned

Our 2nd week of planting was rough on our family. Our sweet pup, Bella went missing on Tuesday evening. I spent many hours driving around looking and talking to many of our Canadian and USA neighbors. We were so thrilled when she showed up in the field on Thursday around noon! She was full of mud and in need of a soaking bath upon her return.

She has clung to us since her return. We are so thankful she made it back safe!

Sable Sheltie Farm Dog Bella Brown Acres Custom Harvesting
John Deere 9200 with Bourgault drill planting
Farmer Brown planting wheat in a smoky sunset.
Morning Cloud Reflection on the prairie
Cloud Reflections
Plum Blossoms Brown Acres Custom Harvesting
Our plum trees are covered with blossoms! We are hoping to get plums this year! We have not had much luck the last few years. They’ve been frozen or non-productive due to other ailments.
Farmer Sunset John Deere 9200 with Bourgault drill planting Canola
Sunset on the Prairie
Farmer Brown was planting Canola on our Canadian border fields. We had Tater Tot Hot-dish in the field with a beautiful sunset.

We received a much-needed shot of rain however, it was only a 1/2″. We ran for parts in the morning and had lunch at our little farmer’s favorite place, Pizza Ranch. We were back in the field by the afternoon.

We had northern lights for a bit on Sunday night. Here’s one of my time-lapses of them:



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