Catch The Moment Week #18

We spent the week preparing equipment for the field, running to appointments and hauling what was left of our wheat.  Here are my pics for the week.


Our beautiful sunset just a few miles south of our yard.


What a gloomy day, everything is still very brown.


I made a cake for a neighbor’s church fundraiser.


May 3rd and we had snow!


I brought Sadie to one of my favorite parks.


May 5th was also a snow day!


Our sunset.

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Nurse Loves Farmer


Catch The Moment Week #10

The snow melt is on in North Dakota! The temps finally warmed above freezing on Sunday.  The busy season is around the corner and this week we definitely shifted gears.  I’m not sure what ever happened to all the time the farmers are supposed to have in the winter.  We don’t see it around here.  There’s always something that needs attention.  Before we know it, we’ll be scratching around in the fresh smelling dirt and loading up the combines for harvest.  I had hoped to start my seeds for the garden this week, but haven’t gotten to it yet.  We had Max’s 6th birthday on Monday. He had his classmates out to the farm.  They had so much fun playing both inside and outside.  Here are my captures from this week. Hopefully I’ll have more outdoor ones next week!

Day 64Day 64.2

The theme for the week is sleepy!  I ran upstairs for something and this is what I found not even 2 minutes later.  I panicked at first hoping he wouldn’t fall, but grabbed the camera for a quick shot.  Poor guy.

Day 65

Laugh Attack!

Day 66

Buttercream frosting for Max’s Ripslinger cake.

Day 67

Brett was in dad’s boots before breakfast on Saturday.

Day 68.1

I caught dad playing on the 4-wheeler when he was running back and forth in the yard while he was drying wheat.  It was so nice on Sunday, our first day in the 40°s.


Day 69DSC_6272

I have 2 pics for our birthday boy.  Monday was Max’s birthday party – one by one the kids thought they should ALL go for a ride on the 4-wheeler! Mick took them all around the yard.  I could walk faster than they were going, but they loved it! I think he had just as much fun as them. That’s our 6 year old on the right with the crazy face in the purple.  What a fun group! Max wanted a Planes Ripslinger cake so when he eats it he can tear him apart!

Day 70

I finished the top for my feathers quilt along.  You can check out all the other beautiful quilts here.

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Nurse Loves Farmer

Wilton Course 3

This is my final cake for Wilton course 3 gum paste and fondant.

In this course we made roses, daisies, carnations and mums.  I love the whole idea of gum paste you can make your decorations way ahead of time and even use them again if you want.  You have to work fast and keep it covered when you’re not working with it as it dries out extremely fast.  

For the rose you roll the gum paste out then cut it with a cookie cutter and ruffle the petals on a foam sponge with a ball tool then you wrap it around the center repeat and before you know it you have a beautiful rose.

The carnation is cut from circle cutters then ruffled with a tool on a thin sponge then each layer is stacked – its so amazing how it all comes together.  I’m so excited to start Wilton course 4 – Advanced Gum paste on Monday.






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