Project 365 #28 July 9-15, 2014

Another busy week around here!  Our crew has finished up in Nebraska and is on the move to South Dakota.  This must have been God’s intended plan all along, yet we still feel like we are in control.  We are blessed with an amazing crew this year.  We have managed to stay home most of the summer while the crew has harvested without any glitches.  Some of our crops needed to be re-sprayed but the task is now complete.  We will be heading south just in time for the 100°F+ temps!  Here are some of this weeks captures….

Flax Field in North Dakota

The boys and Chevy took a walk through our flax field as it was starting to bloom.  I’m so happy to be home for the bloom!  It is so pretty in the morning.


Mick was out spraying beans at the end of the day.  It stays light here until close to 11 pm.  I believe this was around 10:30.

Hannah, North Dakota

We took a quick flight at the end of the day to check some fields.  It has been very hazy lately.  This is an aerial of Hannah, ND.


We checked our sweet corn to see how it was coming along.  We grew 3 varieties in a patch by our yard.  It could use a little rain this week.  The temps are forecast to be 90°+F next week.


Brett and I went for a ride to watch the sunset.  I think the temp was down to 45°F!  I thought it would be one of those sunsets that the entire sky would turn pink and purple the way the clouds were looking, but this was it. Sad smile

Aerial spraying fungicide on flax in North Dakota

Our flax was sprayed with fungicide today.  Fungicide can help with diseases and other ailments that lead to reduced yield, defoliation and premature ripening.  It was a perfect day for spraying!  It is so amazing to watch these guys in action.

North Dakota Sunset

Another aerial sunset from the week.

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Nurse Loves Farmer

Catch The Moment Week #20 May 14, 2013–May 20, 2014

We’re finally planting!  It’s been a crazy week around here.  The kind that you wish would just end.  If it could break down it did!  It must have been a challenge God chose for us and we survived!  I think we were all glad when this week was over!



Wednesday night sunset


We woke up to frost on May 15!


We were finally able to start planting.  Mick is planting flax here on our home quarter.  I hope we’re home when it is in bloom!


Saturday we had a 4-H meeting.  The Lundquist girls gave our group a sheep showing demo and showed us how to sheer a sheep.  They did a wonderful job!


Life on the farm…what a week.  It seemed if it could break down it did!  The washer & dryer both took a dump along with some other things.  It’s next to impossible to get repair work done on anything around here.  Of course, it typically happens at the worst possible time.   We usually end up doing it ourselves.  Thanks to YouTube, codes and Amazon a person can fix just about anything!  Our guys were Whirlpool repair men tonight.  We had a pen tear a hole in the washer gasket and the element went out on the dryer.


I drove the four-wheeler down the road to catch the sunset by some water.  I was mud splattered by the time I returned home, but it was worth it!


We went to Mick’s grandparents’ farm today.  I noticed the old truck was showing its true colors with the clouds.  I’m sure it has plenty of stories to tell from the 8 girls they had.


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Nurse Loves Farmer

Catch The Moment Week #17

I’ve gotten behind on Catch the Moment 365 but have done fairly well at taking a picture everyday.   I only missed 1 day this week.  We are getting back in the swing of things.  Our crew is all here and there is LOTS to be done.  Here are my pics for the week.


Our pink sunrise.


The dogs were hunting for a mole and only came up with a salamander.  You can still see the snow in the trees.


Today’s farm view – hauling and drying wheat.


It’s still pretty brown in the area.  Our winter wheat hasn’t turned green yet.


Our sunset.


The ducks and geese were enjoying their day in the water.

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Nurse Loves Farmer

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