Catch The Moment 35 August 27-September 2, 2014

I’m trying to get caught up on posts, but things are still in full swing around here so it hasn’t been easy! Here are my photos from week 35.


Brett thinks our little cow is for riding.


The sunset from the combine while we moved equipment to Sarles, ND.


We had a little northern light action.


The crew as they were heading out to pick sweet corn for dinner.


We had a fish fry at a friends place.  Everybody enjoyed the down time!


Crazy tall clouds were building all day long.  This is over our neighbors’ wheat field.


Max was having a blast slowly riding his four-wheeler up the hill and letting it roll back down.  He’s not a dare devil unlike his little brother.

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Catch The Moment Week 34 August 20-26, 2014

It’s been hard to keep up on blogging – always the first thing that goes during busy time.  We had a rain break this week, but of course that doesn’t really mean a break for us.  There’s always lots to catch up on or finish.  I’ve been busy canning and running errands.  The guys have been working on a work in progress project on a remodeling project.  Max started school which always throws a kink in things around here.  Here are my pics from the week…


Max’s 1st day of Kindergarten.  He insisted on his picture with his Grandpa’s tractor, never mind the combines or other tractors in the yard.  He’s my kind of guy!


Brett was having fun helping me with the canning bands as I made pickles.


The guys were leveling the ground in preparation for styrofoam and concrete.  We are eventually turning our old attached garage into a living room.


A kind neighbor handed over extra cucumbers.  I made several batches of dill pickles, spicy pickles and sweet pickles this week.


The kids had lots of fun creating great memories with their very own construction site while the concrete in front of our old garage was being torn out.


Monday we ran for supplies.  On the way home we pulled into a John Deere dealership as any typical farmer does.  Smile These crazy clouds were building to the south of us.


More progress on our garage project.  The styrofoam is down and the heat pipe is in place!  Brett loves to be dad’s shadow and helped pick up the small chunks.


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August 13-19, 2014 Back to ND!

Once again I am behind on posting.  We finished up in South Dakota after a big rain break!  The spring was late and wet which means the majority of North Dakota will be harvesting at the same time this year.  We will harvest around home next!  We have lots of work lined up plus our own flax and beans.  It’s always nice to have everything and everyone home!  It’s so nice to have a shop, yard and house to work out of!  Plus it doesn’t get as hot as everywhere we’ve been, although there are always the darn mosquitoes!  We’ve been a little bit of everywhere this week.  Seems like such a blur!  Here are some of my pics…


This sign in western South Dakota – what an understatement!  I am so glad we don’t farm in hills like this! I think the sign is in the only flat spot! It’s not just curvy, but also steep, narrow and rough!…at least we didn’t come across any more rattlesnakes!


Brett spent the day hanging out with the combine.


Our Honey Select sweet corn, Yukon Gold potatoes and Rainbow carrots at home.  Everything could really use a good drink.  Mick says “It’s drier than a popcorn fart.”  We’ve been dragging hoses, trying to get them to hang on.  Even after having water on all day, it’s dry at 4″ down!


Our Gold flax really turned this week!


I took the kids to celebrate St. Peter’s Catholic Church 100th Anniversary in Gentilly, MN on Sunday.  This is one of the many stained glass windows.  The windows have all been restored.  The church raised $50,000 for the restoration project.  They had the bricks cleaned, windows restored, clergy artists repainted the interior, the crosses on the exterior were taken down and refinished in gold.  The church was built in 1914 for $35,000.  The exterior is shown in last weeks post.  Here is a picture during construction.St.-Peter's-Catholic-Church-1914


This little bambi ran next to us for a long time!


Max had fun running through our sweet corn patch.

Have a great week!


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