Catch the Moment 29 July 16-22,2014

We finally caught up with the crew! We are harvesting winter wheat in South Dakota. We set up camp in Murdo, SD – a small tourist trap town east of the black hills along the interstate. The fields we are harvesting are hidden through deep back roads on narrow curvy steep hills. It is not easy or fun to drive the combines and trucks on. The temps have been hanging around 100°F. 85°F at night feels very good! We’ve had pretty good weather with minimal rain – at these temps it doesn’t take long to dry up! We’ve already come across several rattlesnakes. Luckily, most of them have been on the road in the evening. Our 6 year old wants to get back to North Dakota “because there are no rattlesnakes there.” Here are some of my captures from this week…

My cosmos were just starting to open today. They’ve become one of my favorite flowers over the last few years. I love how they get so big and the blooms continue until freeze up.

We watered our potatoes with a sprinkler that shoots water in a circle around it. The black dog, Chevy was not so sure about it. She tends to be by my side in the garden, however this obnoxious thing was making funny noises while spraying water and she was having nothing to I with it.

As seen on the road near Edgeley, ND. I finally got a picture of this happy Git-R-Done guy!

We had to do our 1st wheat field picture of the year. I’m sure there will be many more yet to come.

We had a pink sunset just as we finished up a field.

The dust was hanging in the air, we shutdown for the night within minutes of this picture.


Mr. Independent doesn’t like to be helped with anything this year. Brett road with me in the combine for most of the day. Sometimes I think they only like to ride with mom since I always pack snacks. The 1st thing they do when they hop in with me is dig in my bag for snacks!

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Project 365 #28 July 9-15, 2014

Another busy week around here!  Our crew has finished up in Nebraska and is on the move to South Dakota.  This must have been God’s intended plan all along, yet we still feel like we are in control.  We are blessed with an amazing crew this year.  We have managed to stay home most of the summer while the crew has harvested without any glitches.  Some of our crops needed to be re-sprayed but the task is now complete.  We will be heading south just in time for the 100°F+ temps!  Here are some of this weeks captures….

Flax Field in North Dakota

The boys and Chevy took a walk through our flax field as it was starting to bloom.  I’m so happy to be home for the bloom!  It is so pretty in the morning.


Mick was out spraying beans at the end of the day.  It stays light here until close to 11 pm.  I believe this was around 10:30.

Hannah, North Dakota

We took a quick flight at the end of the day to check some fields.  It has been very hazy lately.  This is an aerial of Hannah, ND.


We checked our sweet corn to see how it was coming along.  We grew 3 varieties in a patch by our yard.  It could use a little rain this week.  The temps are forecast to be 90°+F next week.


Brett and I went for a ride to watch the sunset.  I think the temp was down to 45°F!  I thought it would be one of those sunsets that the entire sky would turn pink and purple the way the clouds were looking, but this was it. Sad smile

Aerial spraying fungicide on flax in North Dakota

Our flax was sprayed with fungicide today.  Fungicide can help with diseases and other ailments that lead to reduced yield, defoliation and premature ripening.  It was a perfect day for spraying!  It is so amazing to watch these guys in action.

North Dakota Sunset

Another aerial sunset from the week.

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Nurse Loves Farmer

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  • Tracy Beautiful pictures! We're hoping we'll get back in the field tomorrow. What a summer!

Project 365 #27 July 2-July 8, 2014

This week was slower than we’ve been accustomed to lately.  The crew had a good week harvesting in Kansas with little rain delays.  They were able to get moved to Nebraska without any issues.  Mick and I were home with the kids while he sprayed our crops.  We didn’t have many rain delays at home either.  We will be heading out soon to join the crew.  Our flax is starting to bloom and soon will be a fields of purple flowers.  Here are my captures for the week…

Aerial Spraying

The kids love watching planes.  I pulled over for them to watch as this field was sprayed on our way to town.

Moose in North Dakota

We spotted a handsome moose having supper along the road on our way home.  This is probably the closest I’ve been to one.  The boys loved watching him.


Our friend hosts a potluck for the community every year on the 4th, followed by fireworks donated by the community.  The boys and I went while Mick sprayed our beans.  He was able to stop by for supper and then come back later for fireworks.  The boys had fun but were very tired and ready to go home.


July 5th we had God’s fireworks.  We were lucky and didn’t have any damage, however there was baseball size hail in the area and some farmers crops were completely wiped out.


Our granddaughter, Mollie-Jayne was out for a visit on a muggy day.

North Dakota Sunset

Peaches went for a walk with me, more like a hunt for her.  She’s a great hunter and loves watching the sunset with me.


Mick and the boys used the lift to clean gutters on our house.  Brett had lots of fun, but I think dad did too!

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Nurse Loves Farmer


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